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Running and everything to do with it

  • Disc Golf

    This is yet another blog about a random sport that I decided to pick up and love playing. Similar to ping pong I love the versatility of the sport. At first it was just a random game that I would play with a couple of my friends, but in recent weeks it has evolved far […]

  • Cross country vs. Track and Field

    For almost all distance runners these will be the two sports you are participating in while in high school or college. Many people have strong opinions about which sport they like more and I have a lot of friends that prefer one over the other. Here are some pros and cons for each sport. Cross […]

  • Treadmill running

    Running on the treadmill has always been a runner’s worst nightmare. For a lot of people it should be a last resort that should only be used in extreme cases. I am a part of this large group that hates treadmill running. Living in northern states means there is going to be a lot of […]

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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